Women Empowerment – Chaaiwali

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Short Title - Women Empowerment - Chaaiwali

Project Information

Why and Who?

The literacy rate of women in Indian society is low. Thus, in difficult situations they take up laborious job opportunities. In order, to make their lives comfortable by offering them job that they would love to do and be self-sustainable we choose the concept of tea making.

In the Indian society, tea is a staple drink. This initiative along with empowering the women would promote variety of teas to the people in urban and semi-urban locations.

What is Chaaiwali?

Chaaiwali is a unique concept only “For women, driven by women, led by women.”

It is an initiative to uplift women from economically and socially challenging situations. It enables women with limited knowledge to sustain herself in a dignified manner in the society.

We cater different flavours of Indian teas and snacks to people in the Malls, Theatres, and High-end streets.


  • We head-hunt to recruit women in dire needs but have a flair to cook and serve.
  • We train them on social skills, cooking essentials, business accounting and serving etiquettes.
  • We tie up with Malls, Theatres and similar places where the accessibility to people is more for accommodating our stalls.
  • Every tea will be accompanied with a cartoon leaflet about the story of the woman serving on the counter thereby making people to return to the stalls for drinking teas and snacks.

Link for the website: https://chaaiwali.wordpress.com/