Achala Library

Donate Books and Support Literacy


Ekjaa is one of the first organizations in the world in the field of social sector to provide “donate and lend” on one platform only. For this, the mission of the foundation is to make an approach for the inclusive and holistic development of the society by providing financial help. Hence, the vision includes making every individual contribute in the society on a large scale. For the same, the Ekjaa foundation has seen the potential and positive effect on the literacy and educational area in the poor areas of Mumbai. But since we saw a lot of potential in it, so we decided to put that extra effort in the same.
So, the mission began with the supporting of the educational programs which act as the basic tool to give the children and even the adults to acquire knowledge by reading that is by books. The basic requirement to fulfill this is a constant supply of high-quality books, which helps to engage the readers. It is pretty obvious, that this cannot be achieved in the first place, without the constant promotion of both reading and learning and also, without the availability of books. It is the goal of Ekjaa Foundation, to provide a small respite for the people, who otherwise do not have access to the much needed entertainment like Books, Movies and Music which help to provide a few moments of joy.
It is not much of a surprise to realize and understand as of how Books, Music and Movies have impacted our lives. From high selling magazines to the textbooks and dictionaries they have motivated, inspired and impacted us in one way or the other. All these forms of media have helped us imagine, grow, and see the big world. Not just literacy, Books can help the individuals to rise and see beyond their own problems and unfortunate circumstances.
We need all your help, and with your help and support we will do everything to make the neediest communities stronger. Here is a glimpse of what we have been doing so far.