Skill Development

Location - Mumbai – Maharashtra


Short Title - Skills Training and Jobs

Project Information

How many of us are pursuing our dream jobs?

Talking about dream jobs, we must first have a dream. But what about the kids from the areas not much accustomed to the so called educated society? Don’t they have a desire to work?

To fulfill these untold dreams of those depreived, Ekjaa foundation went deep down to the slum areas and did a survey on thousands of men and women. As predicted there was a huge chunk who were dropouts and many who were though graduate had no job.

So Ekjaa takes the responsibility of these depreived and unprivileged youth to arrange for vocational courses and find suitable institutions where they can be trained in courses that could lead them to find a job and thus a better life.
Ekjaa has tied up with institutions who are ready to provide free courses or courses at a much lesser cost that are affordable by candidates like them. These institutions also take care of finding job after the training ends.

This way ekjaa stands with the people to provide them a better life and a better living. Because once a very famous writer said, “the real flavor of India is in its slums.” And to prove him right, let’s take it first step. Because they need us now, we may need them tomorrow for the betterment of this nation.

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