Project Shakti

Location - Mumbai

NGO - Ekjaa Foundation

Short Title - Project Shakti

Project Information

“Maa, I don’t feel safe when I come back from school”, Meera said. Her mother was a single parent and it was quite obvious for her to get worried. This is the normal scenario in India nowadays. Is our country something to be proud of? Sure, it is.
We all know the replica of a God is a lady. We worship and admire her. But then, the same kids in the deep down alley of our country become rape victims! Are they less of the goddesses we worship? Certainly, not. But then Why? Why are these rape, assault, attack rates rising.

Cases of rape rose to 432 in FY 2013-14 from 294 in the previous financial year. Those of molestation shot up to 1,209 from 793 and chain-snatching to 2,110 from 1,269 in the corresponding period. And we are clueless of to put and to it. We are told to teach our girls to not expose much in this male wrecking society. But let’s bring a bit of change in this teaching. How about we make our girls strong enough to fight these vultures out. How about we make our daughters independent enough to showcase themselves the way they wish to.

Project Shakti, as the name spells, is an initiative to fulfill such desires. It is a stairway to give the women and children the freedom to move fearlessly in every corner of the country. The basic aim of this program is to train woman and children to fight back every assault and harrasment and this is possible by making them learn the self defence routine. It carries a great hope for the people who think they are not strong enough to fight from these demons roaming in the streets.

Help us bring this up to you because girls are not just a mere part of the human race, they are much more. They are the life givers and the nurturerers. They are the backbone of this society which assaulting its own source of existence. So lets bring a end to it and strenthen the power- “ The Shakti” of a women.


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