Primary Cause - Health

Operation Scope - National

Registration Details - 1 to 5 years

NGO Info

ASMITA is a non ā€“ profit ā€“ charitable organization established in 1989, purely dedicated to the holy act of Social Service. Ours is an endeavour to recognize, help and train those, who are neither Severely Mentally Retarded (Handicapped) nor Normal (Average) regarding their Mental Abilities.

Self Sustainable - Yes ,Expected Fund Raising - 400000 ,Employee Count - 10-50 Volunteer Count - <10

Other Supported Cause

Rehabilitation and Training for slow learners as well as disabled.

Legal Documents Possessed

1645 (w.e.f. 24/01/1995) Regd. Under 80 ā€˜Gā€™ of Income Tax (C. No 58-59/110/95-96) Tech:27/12/1996 Regd. With Directorate (Viklang Kalyan, U.P.) No. 197 Dated 16/11/1998 Regd. Under National Trust. No. no.2460/MR-CP-AUT/2006 Regd. Under F.C.R.A. No. no.2460/MR-CP-AUT/2006

Bank Document Lists

Bank of India, New Delhi

Modes Of Revenue Generation

Sponsors and Donations

Organization Vision

The Vision behind the institute is to help these slow learners of the society and inspire them to regain their lost identity.

Additional Info

If left out to grow in the absence of proper Psychological Guidance, The IDENTITY (ASMITA) of aforesaid group of children, is endangered; not only in Society but also amongst the kiths and kin in their own families.

Social Project Supported

Resources, Support in an education event.

Social Project Duration

For 5 Years in Educating the disabled chidren